Hours64 - 67 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program of 230 Students.
Application Website
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Apply and be formally accepted into the program.
requirement 2 Complete 3 courses
Required courses. May be completed before admission to the major.
requirement 3 Complete 1 course
requirement 4 Complete 5 courses
Complete the following Finance core courses during the first year in the major:
requirement 5 Complete 3 courses
May be completed before or after acceptance into major.
requirement 6 Complete 1 course
requirement 10
Complete Marriott School exit survey online.
Program Outcomes: 

Analyze Financial Data

Acquire, interpret, and analyze accounting, economic, and financial data to facilitate decision making in corporate and investment environments in both personal and professional settings.

Calculate/Interpret Metrics

Make and effectively communicate sound and ethical financial decisions by calculating and interpreting standard financial-decision metrics such as NPV, IRR, duration, Sharpe Ratio, YTM, and OAS.

Perform Estimation/Optimization Procedures

Use standard data resources and software (such as Excel) to model asset valuation, construct optimal portfolios, and perform other useful estimation or optimization procedures.

Understand and Manage Risk

Quantify risk, make sound and ethical financial decisions in a risky environment, and design financial strategies for managing business risks.