Hours64 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program of 265 Students.
Application Website
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 1 Complete 5 courses
Prerequisite courses:
requirement 2
Students must make formal application to the School of Accountancy.
A. A minimum of a B grade is required in ACC 200 and ACC 310 to apply.
B. Students can begin accounting major courses only Fall semester.
requirement 3 Complete 4 courses
requirement 4 Complete 6 courses
Junior Core courses:
requirement 5 Complete 1 option
Business Core courses:
option 5.1 Complete 6 courses
Note: If completing the MAcc, these courses will be replaced by MAcc courses.
requirement 6
Complete Marriott School exit survey online.
Program Outcomes: 

Develop Knowledge and Technical Proficiency in Accounting

Apply knowledge and demonstrate technical proficiency in accounting. Accounting includes, but is not limited to, financial and managerial accounting, financial statement auditing, accounting information systems, and taxation.

Working in Teams

Work effectively in teams to solve complex accounting problems.

Written and Oral Communication

Communicate the evidence, evaluation, and results associated with complex accounting issues orally and in writing.

Ethical Decision-making Processes

Apply high standards of ethical decision-making processes to complex accounting issues.

Global Mindset

Understand how individuals conduct business and be comfortable participating in cultures with people whose values, habits and practices are diverse.