Communications: Advertising

Communications: Advertising
Hours46 - 61 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program of 200 Students.
Application Website
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

All students must take a campus writing course before applying for admission to the major. The following writing courses fill this requirement and satisfy the GE First-Year Writing requirement: Phil 150 and Wrtg 150. Note: Students must receive a B grade or better to be eligible to apply for admission to the program.
Requirement 1 Complete 3 Courses
Note: Students must receive a B grade or better in each course to be eligible to apply for admission to the program.
Apply to the major.
Requirement 2 Complete 1 Course
This course may be taken during the semester in which students apply for admission to the major.
Requirement 3 Complete 1 Course
After admission to the major, complete the following:
Requirement 6 Complete 1 Option
Complete one of the following tracks:
Option 6.2 Complete 2 Groups
B. Creative Track:
Group 6.2.1 Complete 1 Course
Complete the following and then submit portfolio:
And complete a minor in advertising design (15 hours) (for creative track only).
Note: Students will be admitted to the creative track each year based on an application process including submitting a portfolio. Portfolios must be submitted to the department's main office by the twelfth week of fall semester. Late portfolios will not be considered. It will take from four to five semesters to complete the design minor. Students interested in this track should take Comms 330 as soon as possible, as a prerequisite to applying to the creative track.
Requirement 7 Complete 1 Option
After consulting with an advisor, complete an internship in conjunction with 4 hours of the following:
Option 7.1 Complete 4.0 hours from the following Courses
Note: A C- grade or better in the following prerequisite courses must be achieved before the internship experience: (1) Management track: Comms 309, 337, 372. (2) Creative track: Comms 309, 330, 331.
Requirement 8
Complete a minimum of 72 hours in courses outside of the department while meeting BYU's University Core requirements.
Program Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.