Comparative Arts and Letters

Interdisciplinary Humanities

Interdisciplinary Humanities
Hours56 - 87 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Note: It is strongly recommended that students complete IHum 311: Advanced Writing in Comparative Arts and Humanities to fulfill the GE Advanced Written and Oral Communication requirement.
requirement 3 Complete 2 options
requirement 5 Complete 1 course
Complete one upper-division foreign language course. For languages not listed, contact the IHUM section head.
requirement 8 Complete 1 option
Note: Students choosing Option 8.1, the internship course (IHum 399R), will work with the IHum internship coordinator; students choosing one of the other alternatives listed under Option 8.2 must gain approval from the IHum section head.
option 8.1 Complete 1 hour from the following course(s)
option 8.2
Complete an equivalent type of experiential learning opportunity such as Study Abroad, field studies, ORCA fellowships, Honors thesis, or mentored research project.
requirement 9 Complete 1 option
Complete 12 hours in one of the following tracks as approved by a faculty advisor. At least 6 of the 12 hours must be from upper division courses.
option 9.2 Complete 12.0 hours from the following course(s)
B. English Track:
ENGL 333 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 336 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 341 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 343 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 358R - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 359 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 360 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 361 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 362 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 363 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 365 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 366 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 371 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 372 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 373 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 374 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 375 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 376 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 380 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 381 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 383 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 385 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 393R - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 451 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 452 - (Not currently offered)
option 9.4
D. Foreign Literature Track: Course work for the Foreign Literature track must consist of upper-division courses from foreign language departments, chosen in consultation with the track's faculty advisor.
option 9.5 Complete 12.0 hours from the following course(s)
E. History Track:
HIST 291 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 310 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 320 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 388 - (Not currently offered)
Note: IHum 390R only qualifies when it is on a film or media arts topic. It cannot simultaneously satisfy requirement 8.
option 9.8 Complete 2 groups
H. Theatre Track:
group 9.8.2 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
ENGL 341 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 343 - (Not currently offered)
option 9.9
I. Double Major or Minor Track: Courses from a double major or minor in a field relevant to the student's Interdisciplinary Humanities studies may be used to satisfy this requirement. Contact the Interdisciplinary Section Head for more information about utilizing this option.
requirement 10 Complete 6.0 hours from the following course(s)
Complete six hours of the following capstone course (take twice):
Program Outcomes: 

Cultural and Intellectual History

Demonstrate broad interdisciplinary knowledge of cultural and intellectual history, including proficiency in a foreign language.

Proficiency in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Humanities

Demonstrate proficiency in interdisciplinary approaches to the humanistic tradition as well as concentrated coursework in a chosen track.

Critical Thinking, Research, and Writing Skills

Demonstrate the skills of humanistic study, i.e. analyze, think critically and write clearly and persuasively.

Post-baccalaureate Preparation, Lifelong Learning, Service

Prepare for career or post-baccalaureate education through additional concentrated coursework specifically related to individual educational and career goals.