Spanish and Portuguese

Fourth-Semester Portuguese: Reading and Comprehension

Fourth-Semester Portuguese: Reading and Comprehension
Fourth-semester class introducing grammar and culture through study of literature.
 Hours4.0 Credit, 5.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesPort 201.
 NoteNot for returned missionaries. Culmination of GE Mathematics/Foreign Language requirement. Native speakers of Portuguese must take Port 321.
 ProgramsContaining PORT 202
Course Outcomes: 

Converse about topics of general interest

Converst about some topics of general interest and tell about some past experiences.

Handle some situations with a complication

Handle some situations with an unforeseen complication, such as resolving disagreements or customer complaints.

Understand audio and video texts

Understand the main ideas and some details from authentic audio and video texts on cultural topics from Portuguese-speaking cultures, such as TV and radio programs and films.

Analyze medium-length cultural texts

Understand and analyze medium-length journalistic and literary texts within their cultural and historical context.

Write short compositions

Write simple compositions in a variety of genres (letters, pamphlets, articles, short stories, etc.).

Discuss cultural differences

Discuss some differences between the U.S. and Portuguese-speaking countries in terms of cultural products, practices, and perspectives.