Global Womens Studies Program

Global Women's Studies Program

International and Area Studies Global Women's Studies Program
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216 HRCB
801-422- 2276
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1041 JFSB


The Global Women's Studies minor educates students in the findings, theories, and interdisciplinary methodologies fundamental to understanding the influence of gender on lived experience, while fostering critical thinking and superior scholarship. Examining traditional academic discourse from the female perspective allows new insights into our historical and cultural traditions. Global Women's Studies considers the contributions of women worldwide; the intersections of social and cultural identities (gender, race, class, religion, sexuality, ability, age, etc.); and the relationship of women's experiences and human rights to global, regional, and local issues.


Career Opportunities

A Global Women's Studies minor enhances and broadens educational and employment opportunities in any discipline. The minor trains students to look at issues and questions from unique historical and contemporary perspectives both domestically and internationally. Students gain the capacity to consider the global consequences of problems and solutions, and can highlight perspectives that otherwise go unexamined with respect to humanity. This training prepares Global Women's Studies minors to be more successful in professional settings in which a broad understanding of the world is useful, in graduate and professional schools, business and industry, and government or community service.