International and Area Studies

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies
Hours36 - 60 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Courses cannot be double counted between the different requirements sections in the major.
requirement 1 Complete 1 course
requirement 4 Complete 3 options
Social Science courses:
requirement 6 Complete 1 option
Complete 3.0 hours of an internship course, a service learning course, or Study Abroad program. Internship students (field study, or service learning) will register for IAS 399R; Study Abroad programs shall be in a Latin American venue, either Portuguese speaking or Spanish speaking.
option 6.1 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
LT AM 302 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 7 Complete 6.0 hours from the following course(s)
Elective courses (courses taken above will not double count):
BUS M 596R - (Not currently offered)
BUS M 596R - (Not currently offered)
requirement 8 Complete 1 course
Note: All Spanish and Portuguese courses may double count toward a minor or second major in Spanish or Portuguese. Please see the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for more information.
Program Outcomes: 

Factual Knowledge

The student will understand and interpret foundational knowledge relating to historical, socio-cultural, geographic and economic conditions in Latin America, as well as how Latin America interacted with world powers.

Social Science Research and Writing Methodology

Our LAS students will understand basic methodologies of social science research and writing as well as humantities/language based research. This includes modern library skills, as well as humanities/language based research. Students will demonstrate their understanding by writing papers in Spanish and/or Portuguese, as well as producing a major capstone project of 20 plus pages.

Oral Presentation of Critically Analyzed Ideas

LAS students will be able to critically analyze ideas, evidence, and arguments relating to a topic or a significant historical event/process in Latin America, and make a significant oral presentation, demonstrating recent knowledge from books, newspapers, and journals, many of which are written in target languages.

Language Proficiency

LAS students will demonstrate written and verbal fluency in both Spanish or Portuguese.