Physiology & Developmental Biology

Physiology & Developmental Biology
Hours66 - 67 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Requirement 5 Complete 1 Course
Requirement 8 Complete 6.5 hours from the following Options
Complete 6.5 hours from the following courses, including at least 1 hour from the mentored experience list and at least 2 hours from the advanced laboratory requirement list.
Option 8.1 Complete up to 4.5 hours from the following Courses
A. Mentored experience (at least 1 hour required):
Option 8.3 Complete up to 3.0 hours from the following Courses
C. Elective courses (courses used to fill any requirements listed above cannot count for this requirement):
Professional schools and graduate programs may require additional courses not required for this major, such as Phscs 107, 108, chemistry, calculus, or statistics. Contact the programs to which you may apply to determine the specific courses required.
Students considering professional or graduate degrees should take at least two semesters of mathematical courses. The recommended sequences are:
1. Math 119, Stat 221 for students who want exposure to calculus and statistics.
2. Math 112, 113 for students who want a firm foundation in calculus.
3. Math 112, 113, Stat 221 for students who want a firm foundation in both calculus and statistics.
Program Outcomes

Developmental Biology Fundamentals

Explain key principles of developmental biology including: a) mechanisms by which differential gene activity controls development, b) mechanisms that determine cell fate, c) mechanisms that allow dividing cells to become different from each other, d) mechanisms that ensure consistency and reliability of development.

Physiology Fundamentals

Explain key principles of physiology including: a) mechanisms of maintenance of homeostasis by physiologic control systems, b) mechanisms of communication among cells and organs, c) properties that influence movement of substances across living membranes, d) relation of cell and organ structure to function.

Laboratory Techniques

Perform a variety of standard laboratory techniques used in the discipline.

The Human Body: Development, Form, and Function

Summarize the wonders of the human body as manifested by its development, form, and function.