Hours64 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program of 265 Students.
Application Website
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Please refer to the Marriott School Guide and Handbook you receive at the Fall Orientation. If you have questions concerning your individual study programs, contact your advisement center in 460 TNRB (422-4285).
No more than 6 credit hours of transfer credit will be accepted toward the upper-division major requirements. No transfer credit will be accepted for the Junior Core or Integrated Management Core courses.
Requirement 1 Complete 4 Options
Prerequisite courses:
Demonstrate a knowledge of computer skills. Students may demonstrate spreadsheet skills with either a minimum grade of B in an equivalent transfer course or a P grade in IS 100 and 102 or 110.
Option 1.1 Complete 1 Group
Option 1.4 Complete 1 Course
Requirement 2
Students must make formal application to the School of Accountancy.
A. A minimum of a B grade is required in Acc 200 and Acc 310 to apply.
B. Students can begin accounting major courses only Fall semester.
Requirement 3 Complete 3 Courses
Required courses: Note: It is recommended that Econ 110 and M Com 320 be taken before entering the junior core. Econ 110 and M Com 320 must be completed before starting the Integrated core or first year of the MAcc program.
Requirement 5 Complete 1 Option
Management Core courses:
Note: If completing the MAcc, these courses will be replaced by the MSM Core.
Requirement 6 Complete 1 Option
Complete the following after Acc 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406.
Note: If completing the MAcc, these courses will be replaced by the MAcc courses.
Requirement 7
Complete Marriott School exit survey online.
Program Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.