Academic Internship Office

Academic Internship Office

Department Information: 
5435 HBLL
Advisement Center: 
2500 Wilkinson Student Center

Program Coordinator: Adrienne Chamberlain
Office Specialist: Elsie Boyer

The Academic Internship Office (AIO) oversees learning experiences for students who want to gain exposure to real-world, professional learning that is not found in textbooks or the classroom. Internships provide an opportunity for skill development, perspective, mentored supervision, professional connections, and the ability to apply the academic learning occurring on campus. The internship experience is an opportunity for undergraduates to confirm they are on the correct academic path that suits their talents, abilities and interests. The AIO oversees the department internship programs to assure the departments are compliant with Internship Policy and the universities compliance with our legal obligations with internship providers.

Students who want academic credit for internships must receive prior department and university approval and complete formal registration before commencing. Course offerings vary according to student and program needs. Registration in a department's 199R, 299R, 399R, 496R, 599R, or 688R course is required for internship credit. Individual departments specify course numbers for clinical, practicum, or other applied, cooperative learning courses. Credit varies, generally ranging from 0.5 to 12 credit hours. Grades are based on both academic and work-related accomplishments.