Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Division of Continuing Education

The Division of Continuing Education provides educational programs and university services for part-time and off-campus students. These educational opportunities also assist regular daytime students. The same university standards required of regular day students apply to those enrolled through the Division of Continuing Education while they are on campus.

Contact Information: 
419 HCEB

Requirements for Enrollment in Continuing Education Classes

Noncredit classes are open to anyone who abides by the standards and has the desire and necessary ability.

Credit classes are open to ecclesiastically endorsed matriculated students, non-matriculated students, individuals desiring to audit courses, and high school students who meet current university requirements for concurrent enrollment.

Students who have been suspended from Brigham Young University or any other institution of higher learning for any reason are not eligible to register in Continuing Education credit classes until such suspension is cleared.

Student Responsibility. Enrollment in a Continuing Education course does not constitute admission to BYU or any other university on a degree-seeking basis. It is the student's responsibility to gain admission to the university of his or her choice as a degree-seeking student through the institution's normal procedures. At BYU students may accomplish this through the Office of Admissions.

Note: Non-matriculated students enrolled through the Division of Continuing Education are not eligible for university employment, on-campus housing, or financial aid except for assistance that is available to part-time students through the Division of Continuing Education.