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Enrollment Services 
D-148 ASB
(801) 422-7075 

Discontinuance is defined as withdrawing from ALL classes for the current semester or term and means a student is no longer considered to be currently enrolled.  It may also have an impact on other areas of campus where students are required to be enrolled in a certain number of credit hours, such as:

  • housing

  • financial aid

  • scholarships

  • health center

  • employment

  • counseling services

  • computer lab

  • exercise facilities

The Enrollment Services Counselors in D-148 ASB are available to consult with students or parents regarding these issues.

The discontinuance process includes the following:

  1. Before the first day of classes and up to the add/drop deadline, students may drop all of their classes through MyMAP with no record on the official transcript.

  2. After the add/drop deadline, students must discontinue by submitting the online Request for Discontinuance form.

  3. If discontinuing after the withdraw deadline, the university will work with the student's instructors to determine if the student should be withdrawn passing (W) or withdrawn failing (WE). A W does not figure into the GPA, but a WE is a failing grade and will count in GPA calculations.

  4. Once the online Request for Discontinuance form is completed and submitted, the student will be withdrawn from classes.

  5. After the discontinuance deadline, if non-academic circumstances arise, students may work with their instructors to pursue an incomplete contract. (See information about incompletes in the Grading and Records page of this catalog.) If a student desires to discontinue after the deadline, including first term classes, it will be necessary to file a petition (see http://petitions.byu.edu).

For more information, see the Leave of Absence section on the Registration page of this catalog or the Enrollment Services website.