Ethics, Globalization, & Leadership

Ethics, Globalization, & Leadership
Personal, professional, organizational, and societal ethics for IT and Cybersecurity. Impact of globalization on IT and Cybersecurity industry. Leadership principles and practices.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesIT&C 101
 ProgramsContaining IT&C 231
Course Outcomes: 

Identify Ethical & Legal Issues

Identify common ethical and legal issues that arise for individuals, managers, and organizations in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity domain (e.g., privacy, accountability, intellectual property).

Make Informed Judgements

Use ethical reasoning, professional and organizational codes of conduct, and legal understanding to analyze and suggest resolutions to ethical dilemmas.

Understand Impact of Decisions

Understand the impact of ones' attitudes, choices, and behaviors on teams, organizations, and society.

Understand Impact of Technology

Understand the various ways that information technologies and security impact individuals, organizations, and society.

Influences in Judgement

Recognize how self-deception and an inward mindset can influence ethical judgement.

Cultural Awareness

Develop greater understanding and empathy toward those in different cultural and national contexts by comparing their ethical and legal approaches to information technology and cybersecurity issues.


Identify and develop personal characteristics associated with strong ethical leaders.