Fundamentals of Web-Based Information Technology

Fundamentals of Web-Based Information Technology
Web technologies including distributed architecture, networking, database concepts, client and server development, infrastructure management, and web system integration.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesIT&C 210A
 NoteStudents must receive a C or higher grade in this course to move on to IT 344 and IT 347.
 TaughtFall Term 2, Winter Term 2
 ProgramsContaining IT&C 210B
Course Outcomes: 

Web Frameworks

Understand the role of web frameworks (e.g., NodeJS Express) in web development and utilize one on a significant project

Implement web-based systems

Design, implement, and evaluate (e.g., debug) front-end and back-end web systems that meet a set of computing requirements.

System Administration

Develop a project using multiple servers (e.g., NodeJS, IIS) and apply basic system administration tools (e.g., cron jobs)

Information Assurance and Security

Understand different types of security attacks (e.g., viruses, malware, root kits, DDOS, XSS) and their potential impact

Professional Coding Practices

Build off of an existing codebase, use a development and production environment, and meet deadlines to produce a working product.

Life-long Learning

Acquire and apply life-long learning skills to find, assess, and appropriately utilize information resources to solve technical problems.

Written Communication

Demonstrate skills in technical communication