Geography: Environmental Studies

Geography: Environmental Studies
Hours47.5 - 58 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 4
Complete the exit assessment during the final semester, no later than one month before graduation.
Program Outcomes: 

Environmental Change and Ecological Systems

Analyze the causes and potential impacts of global and local environmental change on ecological systems (NGS standards 7, 15, 16, 18).

Environmental Problem Solving

Develop a solution to a given environmental issue that incorporates the relevant political, ethical, economic, legal, and cultural factors, in addition to the principles of physical geography (NGS standard 18, skills)

Physical Processes and the Natural Landscape

Evaluate the biological, geological, climatic, and other physical processes that produce spatial patterns in the natural landscape.

Core geographic knowledge and skills

Understand, explain and apply the NGS-related foundational concepts of Human Societies and Spatiality, Physical Environments, Human-Environmental Interaction, Regional Geography, Critical Spatial Thinking, and Effective Communication.