Family, Home, and Social Sciences


Hours15 - 19.5 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 1 Complete 1 option
Complete an internship or research experience that is primarily focused on older adults. Students should enroll in an internship or research course provided by their major department. Students must email the course number and experience description to the Gerontology Program in order to request approval of their internship or research experience for Gerontology Minor credit. If approved, the Gerontology Program will substitute the student¿s internship or research course for GERO 399R or GERO 403R. The GERO courses are not actual courses that are held, but placeholders for the courses students take within their major.
option 1.1 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
GERO 403R - (Not currently offered)
option 1.3 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
Note: Internships other than those listed below can be approved by the Academic Advisor (major specific).
GERO 399R - (Not currently offered)
requirement 2 Complete 6.0 hours from the following option(s)
Complete 6 hours from the following core courses:
Program Outcomes: 

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.