French and Italian


Hours36.5 - 51.5 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

The French and Italian Department requires a minimum of 21 major hours to be taken in residence at BYU for this degree program. These hours may also count toward BYU's 30-hour residency requirement for graduation.
The French BA starts with FREN 321. As needed, students may take some or all of the following: FREN 101, 102, 201, 202. Students with prior experience in French can contact the French undergraduate adviser to select the appropriate beginning course. Native speakers and returned missionaries typically enroll in FREN 321; FREN 202 may be appropriate for those with less language experience.
We recommend students participate in significant French-language experiential learning during the course of their major. This could take the form of a mission, Study Abroad program, internships, and/or a semester in the Foreign Language Student Residence.
We recommend students take HCOLL 310: Humanities in Professional Life (1.0) during their senior year, preferably the same semester as FREN 495: Senior Portfolio Capstone. HCOLL 310 helps humanities graduates articulate how their degree has trained them to communicate effectively, gather and synthesize information, interpret complex texts, and navigate different cultures.
requirement 3 Complete 21.0 hours from the following course(s)
Note: No more than 9 credits may come from any combination of the following: FREN 399R, FREN 445, FREN 490R, and MSB 596R.
requirement 4 Complete 1 course
Note: In order to determine language proficiency, students in FREN 495 will take the official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), Writing Proficiency Test (WPT), and an adaptive reading test. It is expected that French majors achieve ratings of Advanced Low or higher for each ACTFL evaluation.
Program Outcomes: 

Language Competence

Graduates in French demonstrate advanced proficiency in French language skills. For speaking and writing, "advanced" corresponds to officially designated ACTFL guidelines and ratings.

Research Skills

Analyze the literature, language, and cultures of the French-speaking world, drawing upon an ability to evaluate and synthesize relevant primary and critical sources.

Critical Thinking

Students critically evaluate literary, cultural, and linguistic problems from the French-speaking world and discuss them in clear written and oral expression.

Portable Competencies

Graduates in French are able to synthesize and interpret information, communicate effectively, and navigate cultural difference. They can articulate the value of their humanities degree and the relationship between their academic experience and personal and professional goals. This results from coursework but also from experiential learning such as study abroad and internships.