Linguistic Computing

Linguistic Computing
Hours12 - 18 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Note: A maximum of 9 credit hours may double count between the Linguistics BA and the Linguistic Computing minor.
Note: LING 480, LING 485, LING 580R, DIGHT 390R, and DIGHT 495R must be approved by minor advisor.
Note: Either LING 360 or DIGHT 360, but not both, can be counted towards the fulfillment of Requirement 3.
Program Outcomes: 


Be proficient in the use of technical tools in support of the analysis of language, and be able to work in a team to produce and use those tools.


Artifacts -- Produce linguistic artifacts (e.g. grammars, lexicons, corpora, portfolios, computer systems, experiments) that draw on knowledge of technical tools in linguistics.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication -- Effectively communicate about technical tools in writing and speaking, including documenting tools produced, describing findings of linguistic analyses and explaining tools or software used in analyses.