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International Development

International Development
Hours18 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

No double-counting courses within the different areas of this minor is allowed.
Because the International Development minor is interdisciplinary, it is critical that students are exposed to multiple disciplinary perspectives and methods as they address the larger topic of international development. Thus, no more than 6 credit hours from any one discipline can be counted toward fulfillment of the minor. The one exception to this is IAS credits through IAS 220, 380R, 397R, or 399R. Counting the required IAS 220, no more than 12 hours of IAS credit can count toward the minor.
requirement 1 Complete 1 course
requirement 3 Complete 9.0 hours from the following option(s)
Courses counted above do not double count here.
option 3.1 Complete 9.0 hours from the following course(s)
MSB 331 - (Not currently offered)
MSB 332 - (Not currently offered)
MSB 333 - (Not currently offered)
MSB 334 - (Not currently offered)
Other courses with the approval of the development coordinator may also count.
We encourage all students to earn 3-6 credit hours by completing an international study abroad (IAS 397R), internship, or field school (IAS 399R) experience that focuses on development. For a list of approved programs that will count toward the minor, or to request approval of a program, contact the International Development minor coordinator.
Note 1: Students must have completed IAS 220 before doing an internship (IAS 399R).
Note 2: Students cannot count both Econ 230 and 431 or Econ 230 and 432. They should choose to take either the 200-level course or the 400-level course.
Program Outcomes: 

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.