Exercise Sciences

Athletic Training

Athletic Training
Hours65 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

We are in the teach-out phase of this bachelor's degree program (the accrediting body is now requiring a master's to practice in the field). Accreditation will remain in effect for this program until all current students have graduated. For information on the new Integrated BS/MAT or standalone Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program, go to https://exsc.byu.edu/master-of-athletic-training.
requirement 2 Complete 1 course
To be taken last semester prior to graduation.
requirement 3 Complete 4 courses
Note: The clinical internship must be completed over a two-calendar-year period. The athletic training clinical education courses require field experience hours as part of the athletic training curriculum.
EXSC 394 - (Not currently offered)
EXSC 395 - (Not currently offered)
EXSC 494 - (Not currently offered)
EXSC 495 - (Not currently offered)
Program Outcomes: 

Athletic Training Knowledge, Skills and Ability

Demonstrate acquisition and application of Athletic Training (AT) knowledge, skills and abilities. The competencies and proficiencies are listed as objectives and outcomes in required Athletic Training courses. See matrix. http://www.nata.org/sites/default/files/5th_Edition_Competencies.pdf

Athletic Training Professional Preparation

Students will be prepared for Athletic Training professional practice by demonstrating professional behaviors and dispositions in level-specific practice "internships" at affiliated clinical sites with the mentoring support of qualified clinical instructors (preceptors).

Professional/Ethical Behavior in Classroom, Clinic and Work

Students will demonstrate professional, ethical, and moral behavior as students and clinicians in classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. As professionals, graduated students will synthesize what they learned at BYU to work as ethical, and moral people in their communities.