Exercise Sciences

Exercise & Wellness

Exercise & Wellness
Hours60.5 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 4.0 hours from the following course(s)
Required core course:
requirement 4 Complete 24.0 hours from the following option(s)
Note: Only 2.0 credits of EXSC 399R: Hunstman World Senior Games Internship may be used as part of the EXSC 399R: Exercise Sciences Internship requirement.
Program Outcomes: 

Exercise and Wellness Knowledge

Demonstrate adequate knowledge acquisition and understanding in areas relating to stress management, chronic disease prevention, anatomy, exercise physiology, appraising health and fitness, worksite wellness program component design, healthy diet, and weight management.

Health Assessment, Evaluation, and Prescription

Conduct fitness assessments, write exercise prescriptions, evaluate health behaviors/health outcomes, and risk factors for disease and physical dysfunction.

Career and Professional Preparation

Demonstrate an understanding of current concerns in the profession and gain exposure to the variety of job/work related opportunities available in the field. This would include graduate studies in Exercise and Wellness.