Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Immunohematology and Coagulation Theory

Immunohematology and Coagulation Theory
Theory and practice of bloodbanking and coagulation theory.
 Hours2.5 Credit, 2.5 Lecture, 1.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesMedical laboratory science program acceptance.
 TaughtWinter Term 2
 ProgramsContaining MMBIO 393
Course Outcomes: 

Clinical Laboratory Tests

Perform the full range of clinical laboratory tests in areas such as coagulation and immunohematology and play a role in the development and evaluation of test systems and interpretive algorithms
*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #1

Have diverse responsibilities in areas of analysis and clinical decision-making, regulatory compliance with applicable regulations, education, and quality assurance/performance improvement wherever laboratory testing is researched, developed, or performed
*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #2

Possess basic knowledge, skills, and relevant experiences for the following:

  • Communications to enable consultative interactions with members of the healthcare team, external relations, customer service, and patient education
  • Financial, operations, marketing, and human resource management of the clinical laboratory to enable cost-effective, high-quality, value-added laboratory services
  • Information management to enable effective, timely, accurate, and cost-effective reporting of laboratory-generated information

*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #3, 4, 5