Microbiology and Molecular Biology


Hours57 - 60 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 7 Complete 12.0 hours from the following course(s)
A course used to fulfil requirements 1-6 may not be used to fulfil requirement 7. For certain elective courses, a limited number of credit hours can count towards this elective requirement.
requirement 8
Successfully pass the Biology Major Field Exam.
requirement 9
Complete an exit interview.
Program Outcomes: 

Microbiology Fundamentals

Exhibit mastery of four of the following six principal areas of the discipline: microbial physiology, microbial genetics, microbial ecology, medical microbiology, virology, and immunology.

Experiment Design

Devise experiments with appropriate hypotheses and controls.

Data and Research Interpretation

Interpret experiments from primary scientific (biological) literature, analyzing the use of the scientific method, critiquing the rationale, methods, and conclusions in light of relevant scientific principles.

Effective Communication

Effectively communicate scientific information using both oral and written methods

Biology, Faith, and Christ-like Living

Reflect/discuss/explore how faith in the Lord and Christ-like living are affected by an understanding of fundamental biological principles.