Geological Sciences


Hours74 - 75 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

No D credit is allowed in major courses.
requirement 1 Complete 11 courses
requirement 2 Complete 2.0 hours from the following course(s)
Take 4 times.
requirement 3 Complete 4 courses
requirement 4 Complete 1 option
option 4.1 Complete 3 courses
option 4.2 Complete 2 courses
requirement 5 Complete 6 courses
requirement 6
All students are required to construct a portfolio of their work that includes samples of their writing, scientific data analysis, and presentations┬┐both oral and written. The portfolio will be evaluated during the semester before graduation.
Program Outcomes: 

Effective Inquiry and Communication

Demonstrate competence in scientific inquiry, writing, and oral presentation.

Professional Preparation

Be employable in geology-related fields, or able to further their education in graduate programs.

Technical Competence

Demonstrate competence in relevant computer applications, laboratory methods, and field methods.

Discussing Society's Impact on the Planet

Demonstrate the ability to critically discuss issues related to geology that impact society and planet Earth.

Discussing Science and Religion

Demonstrate the ability to critically discuss the relationship between science and religion.