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Dance Choreography, Advanced.

Dance College of Fine Arts and Communications

Course Description

Advanced choreographic studies in dance.

When Taught

Fall and Winter

Grade Rule

Standard Grade Rule: A B C D E I







Learning Outcome

Students will build upon technical elements, process, and crafting principles of composition learnined in 300 level choreography courses. Focus will be given on deepening investigation of movement invention, group forms and spatial relationships, the development of movement content in relation to structure, context, and meaning.

Learning Outcome

Students will formulate personal aesthetic criteria through the process of observing and offering feedback on peers' works, in addition to viewing professional dance concerts and writing concise and thoughtful critiques.

Learning Outcome

Students will gain expanded comprehension of professional choreographic work in the field, and discuss issues and approaches in making dances.

Learning Outcome

Students will reflect on their choreographic process and products and evaluate their work.