Academic Internship

Psychology College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Course Description

Supervised professional experiences linking academic learning with experience in the field of psychology.

When Taught

All Semesters/Terms






NOTE: A maximum of 9 total internship credit hours from either Psych 399R or Psych 496R may be taken. NOTE: An APPROVED Internship Application is required before adding. 


1. Placement in a professionally enhancing work setting

Learning Outcome

The first and primary objective is the placement of each student in a professionally enhancing work setting. We intend to continuously improve the quality of internship experiences being offered through a process of continuous assessment of all internships, negotiations with agencies, and internship advisement and counseling of students at the beginning of the contractual process.


2. Work experience connections to the content of psychology

Learning Outcome

Students will critically reflect on the connections between their work experience and the content of psychology and articulate these work-related insights. Measurement: Short essays essay examinations, and applications book review.


3. Professional skills and attitudes

Learning Outcome

Students will develop professional skills and attitudes through readings on professional etiquette, in-class presentations to classmates, and poster presentation at open house. Measurement: Graded writing assignments, PowerPoint presentation, and poster creation and presentation.