SFL 280

Dynamics of Clothing

Family Life College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Course Description

Introduction to the influences, meanings, and dimensions of individual clothing selection processes and its effect on families, communities, and cultures.

When Taught


Grade Rule

Grade Rule 8: A, B, C, D, E, I (Standard grade rule)










Clothing and Meaning

Learning Outcome

  Standard #1: Develop Critical Judgment The student will be able to develop critical judgment about the effects of clothing upon the physical, social, psychological, and economic well-being of individuals, families, and social groups. Standard #2: Terminology and Theories The student will be able to determine how terminology, concepts, and theories affect consumer behavior in relation to clothing.  Standard #3: Fashion Industry The student will be able to identify and understand the interrelationships among areas in the fashion industry and become aware of related careers. Standard #4: Designers The student will be able to analyze and describe the impact influential fashion designers have had on the decisions and trends that affect fashion today. Standard #5: Types of Research The student will be able to articulate how different research methods influence certain aspects of the fashion industry.  Standard #6 Critical Thinking Skills: The student will be able to apply critical thinking skills to communicate ideas related to clothing in the family.