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ART 480R

Advanced Studio

Art College of Fine Arts and Communications

Course Description

Individual development of art issues in advanced studio environment. Writing a proposal accompanied by a readings list.

When Taught

Fall, Winter, Summer

Grade Rule

Grade Rule 8: A, B, C, D, E, I (Standard grade rule)





Other Prerequisites

At least two 300-level art studio courses, one of which is in the area of the proposed project.


Self-Directed Research

Learning Outcome

Students will examine art past and present through self-directed research and critical dialogue, and form a personal awareness of their place as artists within this larger context.


Self-Directed Work

Learning Outcome

Students will create work and develop their art and ideas through readings, research, critical discourse, and hard work.


Spirituality and Ethics in Art

Learning Outcome

Students will critically examine spiritual values and ethical issues relevant to art