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EL ED 446

Teaching Science in Grades K-6

Teacher Education David O. McKay School of Education

Course Description

Developing the pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to teach science to elementary children of various ages, abilities, backgrounds, and exceptionalities.

When Taught

Fall and Winter

Grade Rule

Grade Rule 8: A, B, C, D, E, I (Standard grade rule)









Other Prerequisites

Concurrent enrollment in El Ed 299R or El Ed 399R.


El Ed 446 Course Outcomes

Learning Outcome

Teacher candidates will evaluate their personal dispositions, development, and growth toward becoming a teacher of science. Teacher candidates will identify and describe purposes for teaching science in K-6 classrooms. Teacher candidates will explain what science is and how children learn science, including the knowledge and reasoning skills students must acquire to become proficient in science. Teacher candidates will recognize the practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas of science and engineering and how they influence science instruction in K-6 classrooms. Teacher candidates will plan for science instruction for children of various ages, abilities, backgrounds, and exceptionalities, including how to (a) identify appropriate science content from national standards and state core curricula; (b) apply a variety of appropriate teaching methods and strategies to support science learning; (c) integrate science with other disciplines across the elementary curriculum; and (d) employ appropriate assessment methods and strategies.