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TMA 428

Acting Practicum

Theatre & Media Arts College of Fine Arts and Communications

Course Description

Acting practicum experience focused on acting performance in theatre or media arts.

When Taught

Contact Department





Other Prerequisites

Acceptance into the BFA acting major; BFA faculty approval.


Work Ethic

Learning Outcome

Students will apply professional work habits of dependability, promptness, cooperation, preparation, and the ability to make independent choices.


Performance Project

Learning Outcome

Students will accomplish a significant performance or performance-related project, approved by the BFA Acting Committee. This work is intended to be customized to the student's opportunity provided it will fulfill the expected rigor of TMA 428.


Compassion and Empathy in Art and Life

Learning Outcome

Students will develop a gospel-centered sense of empathy and compassion that will serve as a foundation for the actor on stage and screen, as well as a foundation for living a more Christian life.