TMA 303R

International Studies in Film & Culture

Theatre and Media Arts College of Fine Arts and Communications

Course Description

This course offered in conjunction with the Media Arts program's study abroad program will expose students to renowned repertory programs, thorough retrospectives, and the most wide-ranging commercially distributed film offerings in the world. We will enjoy the films themselves along with a host of exemplary scholarly resources (lectures, artist interviews, scholarly notes) from nation-specific institutes of film education. In addition, our program will be distinguished by its emphasis on the ancestor arts and by its access to some of the world's great art institutions. Film is a combination and occasionally a culmination of the arts preceding it. In that spirit, film practitioners as well as students of the arts will be enriched and deepened by their exposure to our host city's rich history and its vast supply of great plays, paintings, buildings, landscapes, and design.

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Grade Rule

Grade Rule 8: A, B, C, D, E, I (Standard grade rule)









Other Prerequisites

Students must be admitted to the study abroad program.