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International Development Program

International Development Program

IAS International Development Program

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The Discipline

International development implies raising the level and quality of life throughout the "underdeveloped" world, but these principles also apply to poor communities in more highly developed countries. It includes many academic disciplines such as education and literacy, economic development, primary health care, public health, small business activities, technology, agriculture, nutrition, environmental sciences and ecological preservation, and even the arts (music, dance, theatre). There is a role in international development for students in nearly every major and discipline. The minor program at BYU is an interdisciplinary approach organized to reflect the complex and multidimensional nature of development. Students should pursue solid preparation in an established major, as the minor is designed to strengthen and expand that major so that students will be able to apply development knowledge and principles in their chosen career. In addition to a focused course of study, internship experience is highly encouraged. Internships provide valuable experience in applying development theory as well as allowing students to earn credit toward the minor. The first course in the minor is Introduction to Development Studies (IAS 220) which introduces students to an overview of international development and major theories and approaches to development.