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Digital Humanities Program

Digital Humanities Program

Humanities Digital Humanities and Technology Program

Department Information: 

1163 JFSB



Advisement Center: 

1041 JFSB






Admission to Program

The Digital Humanities and Technology minor degree program is open enrollment. All courses are open to all students who have met the prerequisite requirements.

The Discipline

The Digital Humanities extends the traditional Humanities in two ways. First, it employs traditional Humanities methods to examine and present new media—from movies and television to text messages and twitter feeds—alongside traditional Humanities content. Second, it uses new, technology-based approaches to re-examine and re-present traditional Humanities content.

At Brigham Young University, the Digital Humanities field is matched with application-based technology skills training. Along with the ability to use current technology, DigHT minors develop the ability to think soundly about using current technology. The program includes a capstone experience of either a mentored research and development project or a technology-based internship.

Career Opportunities

The Digital Humanities minor provides students of all disciplines with the narrative to describe how their university education is immediately applicable to the needs of employers. Additionally, the Digital Humanities is a current area of growth in academia, which increases demand for graduate students with technology skills.