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Teacher Education

Department of Teacher Education


Chair: Ryan Nixon

Department Information: 

201 MCKB



Advisement Center: 

350 MCKB




Admission to Degree Program

Admission to programs in the Teacher Education Department is by department approval. Please see Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, for specific details.

Additional Educator License Endorsements

Additional endorsement may be acquired through completion of a teaching minor in addition to a teaching major.

See Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, for further information.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a BYU bachelor's degree a student must complete, in addition to all requirements for a specific major, the following university requirements:

  • The University Core, consisting of requirements in general and religious education.

  • At least 30 credit hours must be earned in residence on the BYU campus in Provo as an admitted day student

  • A minimum of 120 credit hours

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0

  • Be in good standing with the Honor Code Office

Students should see their college advisement center for help or information concerning the undergraduate programs.

Graduate Programs Available

This department also offers graduate degree programs. For more information, see Graduate Studies.