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BYU Online High School

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BYU Online High School provides high-quality, standards-based, individualized education for a wide variety of students by offering flexible alternatives to traditional schooling, utilizing proven online teaching practices in a safe, technology-enabled learning environment. We strive to provide a balanced education that allows parents the transparency to see what their children are learning. All high school courses are designed according to national and state standards by teams of teachers and instructional designers who are experts in their fields.

BYU Online High School is a full-time, semester based, diploma-granting, private high school serving students across the United States and around the world. Students in grades 9–12 enjoy the fun and flexibility that learning online offers while meeting their unique educational needs. BYU Online High School offers two diploma tracks, Standard and Advanced.

BYU Flex High School is another option of a full-time, diploma-granting high school program but is based upon students taking our Independent Study courses (which offer up to a year to complete each course) to earn their diploma.