Department Information

HCEB 102


Dean, Continuing Education: Lee Glines

Associate Dean, Continuing Education: Darin Oviatt

Director, Classroom and Continuing Education Enrolled Student Services: Jay Young

Administrator, FlexGE: Clint Payne



The FlexGE program extends the opportunity for a BYU education and experience to students not formally admitted to the university.  Participants take classes for university credit with admitted BYU students on campus in Provo and at the BYU Salt Lake Center.  FlexGE students also experience BYU life by participating in campus activities and events, living in student housing, and attending a YSA ward. 



Participants in FlexGE must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • high school graduate (or equivalent)

  • at least a 2.0 GPA

  • U.S. citizen

  • at least 17 years old by the first day of class

Students can enroll in the FlexGE program until a week before classes begin.  Their enrollment is active until the end of the academic year in which they were enrolled (fall semester through summer term). Students who wish to continue taking classes in the next academic year (beginning fall semester) must submit a new FlexGE application.

Prospective students with less than a 2.0 GPA may petition to participate in FlexGE by meeting with a FlexGE academic advisor.  Current students whose GPA falls below 2.0 must meet with a FlexGE academic advisor before they can continue in the program. 


BYU Experience

FlexGE students are encouraged to integrate into the BYU community and participate in the experiences and opportunities available to students at BYU.  Special emphasis is placed on participation in activities that will help students develop the attributes identified in the Aims of a BYU Education.  These activities include things such as volunteering with Y Serve, joining an academic club, and serving in a calling in their YSA ward. 

With few exceptions, FlexGE students have the same level of access to campus offices and resources as admitted BYU students.  FlexGE students do not have access to:

  • Day classes during fall and winter semesters

  • On-campus housing during fall and winter semesters

  • Intercollegiate athletics (including extramural sports)

  • Federal Financial Aid

  • Individual, Group, and Couples therapy at CAPS


Student Support

FlexGE students have several resources provided by Continuing Education to ensure their success.  Free tutoring, academic skills coaching, and workshops in topics like time management, study skills, and test preparation are available through the Continuing Education Student Success Center.  Each student also has a FlexGE peer mentor assigned to them to help with the transition to university life.  FlexGE peer mentors are former FlexGE students who are now admitted to BYU.  They can answer questions, point out resources, and talk about the overall FlexGE experience.

FlexGE academic advisors can help students navigate the FlexGE program, plan classes, and choose a major and career path that suits the student. Advisors can also guide student efforts to transfer to BYU or another university.  FlexGE students should meet with an academic advisor at least once per academic year. 


University Credit and Transfer

Participation in FlexGE does not guarantee admission to a degree program at BYU.  FlexGE students are encouraged to apply to BYU or another university to complete their studies.  Students who are admitted to BYU can count credits earned as a FlexGE student toward their degree.  Credits transferred to other universities will be evaluated according to their respective transfer credit policies. 

Students from outside the state of Utah may be able to gain Utah resident status while participating in the FlexGE program.  This may allow students to qualify for resident tuition rates at public universities in Utah.  Students should check with their desired university for specific residency requirements.