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Brigham Young University's Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Program offers former BYU students who are no longer able to attend BYU an opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree from anywhere. Applicants must have already completed 27 credit hours (exam credit excluded) at the BYU campus in Provo as an admitted day student and must abide by the Church Educational System Honor Code and receive an annual ecclesiastical endorsement. This program is not available to current BYU students who have fewer than 90 credits.


Note for Current BYU Students

When you are admitted as a BGS student, you are no longer classified as a day continuing student. As a result, you are no longer eligible to take day classes on campus during fall and winter semesters and lose privileges that are only available to matriculated day students including federal financial aid. Please refer to the BGS website for more details.

Admission to Degree Program

Prospective students must complete an admissions application to the Bachelor of General Studies Office and pay a fee of $35. The BGS program is open to former students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of 27 semester hours of BYU on-campus credit in Provo as an admitted day student (exam credit excluded). Up to six of these 27 hours may be from the BYU Salt Lake Center as an admitted day student.

  • Have not completed any courses as a BYU day continuing student in the last two years or have already completed a minimum of 90 credits.

  • Have never completed a bachelor's or higher degree.

  • Are in good standing (academic, financial, etc.) at all universities attended.

  • Have a 2.0 or higher BYU and cumulative GPA. (If any academic disciplinary action—warning, probation, suspension or dismissal—has been taken against you, contact the BGS Office before proceeding with the application process.)

  • Will abide by the Church Educational System Honor Code and receive an annual ecclesiastical endorsement.

  • Have been approved by the BGS admissions committee.

  • Have successfully completed the StDev 100 course (1-credit-hour Independent Study course taken after provisional acceptance into program).

The Discipline

The Bachelor of General Studies degree is designed to help BYU students utilize previously earned credit as much as possible. BGS uses the same curriculum standards as on-campus programs, including general education and religious education. The major is General Studies, with an emphasis in one of eight areas of study: American Studies, Business, Education, English, Exercise and Wellness, Family Life, History, or Psychology. To be eligible to complete the Education emphasis, students must have been enrolled in a teaching major at BYU and have completed all graduation requirements except student teaching. The History emphasis offers both History and Family History tracks to add a measure of specialization. The degree can be completed entirely by coursework offered through BYU Independent Study and may be supplemented by courses from Evening Classes, Salt Lake Center, and spring & summer terms.

Students may select only one emphasis and do not have the option of creating custom-made areas of study. However, within the number of general electives available, students can utilize credit previously earned in a former major or choose to take course electives of interest.

The Bachelor of General Studies is a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University designed to help you finish at home what you started at BYU. Students pursue this program for a variety of reasons. Some desire a sense of accomplishment—to complete a degree they began years ago. Others are looking for career advancement or to eventually pursue a postgraduate degree.