American Studies Program

American Studies Program

Humanities American Studies Program

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237 HRCB

(801) 422-3377


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1041 JFSB




The Discipline

American Studies is committed to helping students explore the complexity of the United States, its diverse communities, and its relationship to the world from a variety of perspectives. American Studies invites students to express their curiosity about those whose American experiences may be quite different from their own and pushes them to understand other people’s experiences by engaging in conversations across time and disciplines. Students will learn to see how social, cultural, political, economic, and geographic contexts shape Americans’ identities and their relationships with each other.

Career Opportunities

American Studies graduates find work in sectors ranging from healthcare to law, non-profit to marketing, education to management, communications to museums. Regardless of their profession, our alumni express gratitude for their "interdisciplinary fluency" and their capacity to understand and address complex challenges from a variety of perspectives.