American Studies Program

American Studies Program

Humanities American Studies Program

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4095 JFSB



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1041 JFSB




The Discipline

Focusing on the United States of America, the American Studies major examines the sweep of American experiences, social movements, and cultural conditions from a variety of viewpoints. Making use of required courses as well as a highly flexible set of elective courses, the program offers students significant latitude in studying topics in U.S. literature, history, gender, humanities, regions, politics, ethnicities, geography, art, economics, religion, folklore, and other issues. Majors are encouraged to develop particular skills in writing, research, and social, political, and economic analysis. The program not only provides for rich interdisciplinary experiences but also exposure to a variety of excellent scholars and teachers.

Career Opportunities

While preserving the flexibility that makes the American Studies major appealing to many students, the American Studies Program actively seeks to prepare students for their lives and careers after graduation. To this end, each American Studies major receives course credit for either a career-related internship or a career-related minor. Upon graduation, students often enter the workforce in fields related to their internships or minors, with placements ranging from history teaching to international finance, from the tech sector to the military, from editing to university advisement, from museum curatorships to politics, and from nonprofits to many other career opportunities. Some American Studies majors also choose to continue their educations at the graduate level; majoring in American Studies can be excellent preparation for entering law school, medical school, business school, and masters and PhD programs in American literature, history, and politics.