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Photo- & Lens- Based Design (BFA) *

Design Bachelors BFA

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max


Major Academic Plan


Professional Development and Career Preparation

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to understand and apply professional photography business practices including finding career opportunities marketing pricing ethics and preparing for graduate school.


Photographic History, Theory and Trends

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to understand photographic history and contemporary art theory, including trends and movements in both silver and non-silver processes and moving imagery.


Technical Expertise

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to demonstrate expertise with lighting and other techniques in the still and video imaging areas. Students will be able to problem solve for clients and exhibit personal expression with both traditional digital and moving imaging methods with the goal of communicating meaning through two dimensional design composition and content.


Commitment to the Church and BYU Aims

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to produce works consistent with the Church and the aims of BYU.



Learning Outcome

Students will be able to develop and visually communicate poignant ideas concepts and independent thought.

Program Requirements

MAP - BFA in Photo- and Lens- Based Design 8.23.2022

The Photo- & Lens- Based Design BFA program is a limited enrollment program requiring department admissions approval. Interested students should declare their pre-major intent, complete DESPH 116 and submit an online portfolio of their work. Pre-major application deadlines are at the end of Fall semester, Winter semester, and Spring term.

Only students granted pre-BFA status are to complete the foundational courses and then may apply for the BFA professional program through a portfolio review in June.

Requirement 1 —Complete 1 Course

Prerequisite Course:

course - Introduction to Photography 3.0

Apply for pre-BFA status via portfolio review.

Requirement 2 —Complete 2 Courses

Foundational Courses:

course - Intro to Digital Imaging 3.0

course - Moving Image 1 3.0

Apply to the Photo- & Lens- Based Design BFA program via portfolio review.

Requirement 3 —Complete 12 Courses

After admission to the major, complete the following:

course - Motion Concepts 3.0

course - 3D Motion 3.0

course - Lighting 1 3.0

course - Lighting 2 3.0

course - Intro to B/W Photography 3.0

course - Photographic Language 3.0

course - Visual Storytelling 3.0

course - Moving Image 2 3.0

course - Alt Photo Processes - You may take once 3.0

course - Junior Portfolio 3.0

course - Location Photography 3.0

course - Prof Practices for Photogrphrs 2.0

Requirement 4 —Complete the following course twice

course - Design Lecture Series 0.5

Requirement 5 —Complete 4 Courses

course - World Civilization to 1500 3.0

course - World Civilization Since 1500 3.0

course - Design Theory 3.0

course - History of Photography 3.0

Requirement 6 —Complete 2 Courses

course - BFA Project: Research 1.0

course - BFA Capstone Project 3.0

Requirement 7 —Complete 2 hours

course - Academic Internship - You may take 2 times 6.0v

Requirement 8 —Complete 1 of 3 Courses

course - Intro to Entrepreneurship 3.0

course - Marketing Management 3.0

course - Career Strategies 2.0

Requirement 9 —Complete 3.0 hours

Studio Courses:

course - Analog Motion 3.0

course - Special Topics - 3.0

course - Special Topics - You may take up to 3.0 credit hours 3.0v