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T E S O L (Minor)

Linguistics Undergrad Minor MIN

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max



English Language Fundamentals

Learning Outcome

Students will demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the English language systems of phonology morphology grammar semantics and pragmatics and how these systems are integral to the language learning competencies of listening speaking reading writing vocabulary pronunciation and grammar.


Instructional Competence

Learning Outcome

With a foundational knowledge of the English language systems and language learning competences students will demonstrate fundamental competence in lesson planning teaching strategies and language testing when teaching English as a second or foreign language.

Program Requirements

Requirement 1 — Complete 1 Course

Complete the prerequisite course:

course - Intro to English Language 3.0

Requirement 2 — Complete 3 Courses

Complete the following foundation courses:

course - Grammar of English 3.0

course - TESOL Listening, Speaking 3.0

course - TESOL Read, Write, Vocab 3.0

Requirement 3 — Complete 2 Courses

Complete the following courses:

course - TESOL Course & Lesson Planning 3.0

course - TESOL Practicum 3.0