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Physical Science Education (BS)

Bachelors BS

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max


Major Academic Plan


Physical Science Fundamentals

Learning Outcome

Students will obtain a broad basic knowledge of physical sciences.


Instruction Design and Development

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to design individual lectures reflecting the curriculum and informed by best practices in pedagogy and technology.


Utah Teacher and TEAC Standards

Learning Outcome

Students understand and apply the goals and standards of the Utah Teacher and TEAC.


Professional and Moral Practice

Learning Outcome

Students understand and apply the Guiding Principles of Teaching as embraced by the McKay School of Education.

Program Requirements

Licensure: This program meets the educational requirements designed to lead to an occupationally required professional license or certificate in the state of Utah. Students pursuing occupations requiring a license or certificate in a state other than Utah should contact the appropriate BYU academic advisement center as well as the licensing agency in the state where they intend to work to seek information and guidance regarding licensure and certification requirements.

This major is designed to prepare students to teach in public schools. In order to graduate with this major, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to or contact the Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, 801-422-3426.

For students accepted into the major after December 16, 2019, grades below C in any required coursework in a teaching major or teaching minor will not be accepted. Teacher candidates must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher once admitted into the program and to qualify for student teaching. For additional details on admission and retention requirements for teaching majors and teaching minors, see Educator Preparation Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Requirement 1 —Complete 17 Courses

Note for Geol 210: Contact Geological Sciences Department (S-389 ESC) before April 15th for dates of upcoming August field trip.

course - Gen College Chem 1+Lab Integr 4.0

course - General College Chemistry 2 3.0

course - Gen Coll Chem Lab 1.0

course - Chem Handling & Safe Lab Prac 0.5

CHEM 223 - Quant & Qual Analy 4.0

course - Guided Learn Chem Instruction 3.0

course - Physical Geology 4.0

course - Historical Geology 4.0

course - Field Studies 3.0

course - General Physics 1 3.0

course - General Physics 2 3.0

course - General Physics Lab 1 1.0

course - General Physics Lab 2 1.0

course - Descriptive Astronomy 3.0

course - Energy, Climate, Environment 3.0

course - Desc Acoustics of Music & Spch 3.0

course - Physics By Inquiry: Mechanics 3.0

Requirement 2 —Complete 1 of 5 Courses

course - Dinosaurs 3.0

course - Mineralogy 4.0

course - Sedimentology & Stratigraphy 3.0

course - Paleontology 3.0

course - History&Philosophy of Science - You may take once 3.0

Requirement 3 —Complete 2 Requirements

Professional Education Component:

Licensure requirements: Contact the Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, 801-422-3426, to schedule the exit interview to clear your application for the secondary teaching license. You should be registered for your last semester at BYU prior to the scheduled appointment.

Requirement 3.1 —Complete 9 Courses

course - Educ Stdnts w/Disablts in ScEd 2.0

course - Integrating K-12 Ed Tec 1 1.0

course - Integrating K-12 Ed Tec 2 1.0

course - Tching K-12 Online/Blended Lrn 1.0

course - Exploration of Teaching 4.0

course - Teaching Methods & Instruction 3.0

course - Practicum in Secondary Educ 1.0

course - Multi Cult Ed for Sc Ed 3.0

course - Ad Dev & Class Mgmt 3.0

Note: FBI fingerprint and background clearance must be completed prior to enrollment in Phy S 276.

Requirement 3.2 —Complete 12 hours

Apply for student teaching/internship one semester in advance by September 30 or January 31st. Applications are online at

course - Secondary Student Teaching 0.0v

course - Acad Intern: Secondary Ed 0.0v

Student teachers/interns must complete all required EPP assessments and paperwork in the Educator system.