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Dietetics (BS) *

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max


Major Academic Plan


Scientific Evidence

Learning Outcome

Integrate scientific information and translate research into practice. (2022 ACEND Standards KRDN 1.1-1.3)


Professional Practice

Learning Outcome

Demonstrate professionalism in beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors, and communication. (2022 ACEND Standards KRDN 2.1-2.9)


Nutrition Care Process

Learning Outcome

Explain and apply all areas of the nutrition care process. (2022 ACEND Standards KRDN 3.1-3.6)


Management and Resource Use

Learning Outcome

Apply principles of management and systems in provision of services to individuals and organizations (2022 ACEND Standards KRDN 4.1-4.7)


Leadership and Career Management

Learning Outcome

Develop leadership skills for professional growth as a nutrition and dietetics practioner. (2022 ACEND Standards KRDN 5.1-5.6)

Program Requirements

Licensure: This program meets the educational requirements designed to lead to an occupationally required professional license or certificate in the state of Utah. Students pursuing occupations requiring a license or certificate in a state other than Utah should contact the appropriate BYU academic advisement center as well as the licensing agency in the state where they intend to work to seek information and guidance regarding licensure and certification requirements.

Requirement 1 —Complete 10 Courses


course - Human Physiology 4.0

course - Intro Bio-organic Chemistry 4.0

course - General Microbiology 3.0

course - Gen Micro Lab 1.0

course - Essentials of Human Nutrition 3.0

course - Nutrient Metabolism 3.0

course - Essentials of Food Science 3.0

course - Essentials of Food Sci Lab 1.0

course - Intro to Dietetics 1.0

course - Principles of Statistics 3.0

Requirement 2 —Complete 1 of 2 Courses

Complete 1 prerequisite course before professional sequence

course - Human Anatomy (w/ virtual lab) 3.0

course - Human Anatomy (with lab) 4.0

Requirement 3 —Complete 1 of 2 Courses

Complete 1 prerequisite course before professional sequence

course - Introductory General Chemistry 3.0

course - Gen College Chem 1+Lab Integr 4.0

Requirement 4 —Complete 1 Options

Department Admission Requirements:

- Students must apply by February 15th for admission into the professional sequence in the fall. Four of the prerequisite courses in Requirement 1 (option 1.1 and 1.2) must be completed at time of application. Requirement 1 (option 1.1 and 1.2) must be completed at time of entrance into the professional sequence in the fall.

- Enrollment is limited to 40 students per year.

- Major GPA, dietetics-related experience, and letters of recommendation will be considered.

- Successful applicants typically have a major and cumulative GPA greater than 3.0 and nutrition, dietetics, and food science grades greater than B-.

- Applicants need at least 150 hours of dietetics-related work and/or volunteer experience.

Requirement 5 —Complete 16 Courses

Professional sequence courses (after being admitted into the program):

course - Med Nutr Therapy 1 4.0

course - Med Nutr Therapy 2 3.0

course - Food Prod Mgmt 2.0

course - Food Production Mgmt Lab 3.0

course - Community Nutrition 3.0

course - Nutrition Assessment Lab 0.5

course - Nutrition Through Life Cycle 2.0

course - Nutr Bio-organic Chemistry 4.0

course - Nutrition Educ & Counseling 3.0

course - Foodservice Systems 3.0

course - Financial Mgt in Dietetics 3.0

course - Mgmt in Dietetics 3.0

course - Adv Dietetics Prac 3.0

course - Res in Dietetics 2.0

course - Professionalism in Dietetics 1.0

course - Internship Preparation 1.0

Requirement 6 —Complete 1 of 9 Courses

course - Principles of Accounting 3.0

course - Science of Biology 3.0

course - Pathophysiology 4.0

course - Marketing Management 3.0

course - Financial Management 3.0

course - Intro to Culinary Arts 2.0

course - Nutr & Metab Sports Exercise 3.0

course - International Nutrition 3.0

course - Public Speaking 3.0

Requirement 7 —Complete 1 of 3 Courses

course - Social/Cultural Anthropology 3.0

course - Psychological Science 3.0

course - Multicultural America 3.0

Recommended Minors: The following minors are very complementary to a dietetics major, but any area of interest could be considered: Business, Gerontology (see School of Family Life), International Development, Spanish.