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Elementary Education (BS)

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max


Major Academic Plan


1. Learner Development and Differences

Learning Outcome

Teacher candidates will provide equitable access to academic knowledge by applying understandings of learner development and learner differences.


2. Effective and Nurturing Learning Environment

Learning Outcome

Teacher candidates will establish and maintain an effective and nurturing learning environment that prepares students to participate in a civic society.


3. Engaged Learning and Academic Knowledge

Learning Outcome

Teacher candidates will facilitate engaged learning and attend to equitable access to academic knowledge through content knowledge assessment planning and instructional strategies.


4. Stewardship in the Schools

Learning Outcome

Teacher candidates act as stewards of the schools and communities and demonstrate commitment to simultaneous renewal through reflection professionalism and collaboration.

Program Requirements

Licensure: This program meets the educational requirements designed to lead to an occupationally required professional license or certificate in the state of Utah. Students pursuing occupations requiring a license or certificate in a state other than Utah should contact the appropriate BYU academic advisement center as well as the licensing agency in the state where they intend to work to seek information and guidance regarding licensure and certification requirements.

This major is designed to prepare students to teach in public schools. In order to graduate with this major, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to or contact the Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, 801-422-3426.

Requirement 1 —Complete 2 Courses

Complete the following Pre-requisites:

course - Intro to Education 2.0

course - Human Development 3.0

Note: The Global and Cultural Awareness and Letters general education requirements are fulfilled through completion of the Elementary Education major.

Students accepted into the major after May, 2020, must (a) maintain a total GPA of no less than 2.7 since admission to teacher preparation major and/or minor program, (b) receive a C or better in all education-related and major and minor required courses (including any courses taken prior to acceptance into a teaching major or minor), and (c) demonstrate sufficient and timely progress in coursework and field experiences. For details on admission and retention requirements for teaching majors and teaching minors, see Educator Preparation Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Complete admission process for the program through the Teacher Education Department. See for admission requirements.

Requirement 2 —Complete 22 Courses

course - Ex Studnts:Prin of Collaboratn 2.0

course - Introduction to ECE 3.0

course - Legal & Ethical Issues 1.0

course - Fndtns of Multicultural Educ 3.0

course - Management & Practicum 1 - You may take once 3.0

course - Planning & Assessment 1 2.0

course - Tchg Literacy in Grades K-2 3.0

course - Children's Literature 3.0

course - Management & Practicum 2 - You may take once 3.0

course - Planning & Assessment 2 1.0

course - Teaching Writing in Grades K-6 2.0

course - Tchg Literacy in Grades 3-6 3.0

course - Tchng Social Studies in K-6 3.0

course - Tchng Science in Grades K-6 3.0

course - Tchg Math in Grades K-6 3.0

course - Integrating K-12 Ed Tec 1 1.0

course - Integrating K-12 Ed Tec 2 1.0

course - Tching K-12 Online/Blended Lrn 1.0

course - Basic Conc of Math 2.0

course - Concepts of Math 2.0

course - Elementary Skills & Activities 1.0

course - PE & Hlth Ed - Elem Sch Tchrs 2.0

Requirement 3 —Complete 1 of 4 Courses

course - Art for Elementary Teachers 3.0

course - Dance for Elementary Classroom 2.0

course - Mu Elem Clsrm Tchr 2.0

course - Drama in the Elem Classroom 2.0

Requirement 4 —Complete 12 hours

Note: Prior application is required. Apply for student teaching / internship by September 15th or January 15th.

course - Elementary Student Teaching - You may take up to 12.0 credit hours 1.0v

course - Academic Internship - You may take up to 12.0 credit hours 8.0v

Note: It is the student's responsibility to be sure that the Praxis II test has been passed and that BYU has received the test scores and that his or her fingerprint background clearance is current and that state licensing fees have been paid prior to graduation. Students will also be responsible for any additional requirements imposed by the state prior to their graduation. To confirm the status of these requirements, contact the Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, 801-422-3426. Graduation and Utah licensure cannot be processed until these requirements have been completed.

Recommended Courses are not required to complete the program

The following courses are strongly recommended:

course - Principles of Biology 3.0

course - Expository Writing for El Ed 3.0